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to leon-kennedy.net, a fansite and the The Fanlistings Network approved & listed fanlisting for Leon S. Kennedy from the Resident Evil (バイオハザード; Biohazard) video game series. Please feel free to take a look around and enjoy your stay!

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The Leon S. Kennedy fanlisting was last updated on 20th March 2018 and lists currently 1137 fans from 85 countries with 0 waiting to be added. Welcome Eliza as the newest fan.
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The Leon S. Kennedy fanlisting got approved at The Fanlistings Network on 21st December 2006. It is listed under the Games - Game characters category and the Animation - Characters category. In May 2012 it got also listed at the The Alter Listings Network.
The fanlisting became part of leon-kennedy.net in January 2010 when Candeta adopted it out to me - Thank you SO much! ♥ Before Candeta gave the fanlisting to me, it was also previously owned by Ami (freedom-rain.net/).